Dexter Hupe

Gave up all of the bad habits — drinking, partying, procrastinating and took up healthy habits.

Meal prepping, proper workouts, and getting enough sleep!

Through Team AEnation’s transformation program Dexter is in the best shape of his life.

Cara Schorn – Supermom

Cara came to us late 2017 and she needed a change. She was an avid gym goer but for some reason couldn’t achieve the look she was going for.

After 6 months and alot of completed workouts, Cara felt confident enough to enter her first bikini competition! Which she took home 3rd place.

Oh — and she’s a mom to two. Under a year, and under two years.

This is the definition of a supermom!


Jessica Yule Spotlight

Jessica Yule is one of the ladies who is bringing the amazing food blogs to the #AEnation site. This girl came from a partying backround and knew there had to be something more. She found her love for cooking and entered her first competition facing alot of fears in the process.

“Lifting for me has always been the one thing that keeps me sane, level headed. Gives me something to work towards and keeps me focused. Nothing makes me feel better.” — Jessica Yule


Maxim Ratnikov Spotlight

Maxim came to #AEnation because he was struggling with negative emotions which translated into loads of unwanted weight. Maxim has completely transformed his body and mind in the last 6 months and has lost 60lbs.

“I appreciate everything you do. I really hope you’re feeling the love I am trying to express for you right now. THANK YOU!!” — Maxim Ratnikov 



Arnel came to #AEnation because he had seen our trainer Tahj transform in front of his eyes and he knew it was possible for himself. As an avid gym-goer he was missing the most important element of fitness – nutrition.

After dialing in his diet for 4 months Arnel saw a transformation of his body, and also his confidence.

“There is always more to learn in order to take your physique, confidence, and everything to the next level. I’ve learned more about myself then I ever thought I would.” — Arnel Sejdic

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