Here’s to the Dream Chasers, the Believers, the Visionaries, the Risk Takers, the top 5% #RISEABOVE





If you could live any life that you wanted what life would you live?

What would your car look like?

What would your family life be like?

What would your friends be like?

What would your financial situation be like?

How much time would you have to develop your hobbies?

What hobbies would you develop?

How would you be interacting with your co-workers?

Do you work for someone else or run your own business?

Remember that you are the creator of your destiny.

You decide the outcome of your life.

Ask yourself what you want, ask yourself what you’re willing to fight for, and be open and receptive to the answer. Don’t say “I don’t know what I want!” Because that creates a blockage from the infinite intelligence coming in to provide the answer for you.

Ask yourself the question and wait, pause, and allow the universe to answer for you.

Sometimes it’ll take a day.

Sometimes it’ll take a week.

Sometimes a month.

Sometimes a year.

The universe always delivers though. So ask yourself what you want and wait. Just wait for the answer to appear. Look for the signals.

And when you find the answer.

When the signs are so clear they’re screaming at you from the ether.

Take action, relentlessly, every day, and spend the rest of your life in pursuit of that which makes you feel the most alive.

Because even if you shoot for the moon, and land in the stars, the view is going to be phenomenal anyway.

– Brian Mark?

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