Welcome to Team AENation

Who We Are

We are a committed group of fitness entrepreneurs who live the Flexible Dieting lifestyle and have found a way to balance being fit and being a human. Nutrition plans should not be restrictive – we educate all of our clients on how to accomplish your goals, and be happy with the food you’re eating!

We know that no one is perfect and we’re committed to helping you find your best body.

We believe that we can accomplish more with lifestyle transformations through online systems. In person training is great – but with that we can only impact your GYM RESULTS.

We take a DIFFERENT approach! Through our Lifestyle Training approach, we work on the whole package – Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness and Support Systems.

With our passion, knowledge, community and commitment to bring you the best training system on the market, we’ll do everything in our power to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

We are Team Aesthetic Nation, and we will help you achieve the body you never thought possible!

Our History and Vision

Aesthetic Nation incorporated in 2014 with the intention of helping as many people as we could live happier, healthier, stronger lives. There are 5 trainers on our team, all of them bring specific specialities to the team.

Brian Mark has competed in fitness competitions around the world. A former WBFF Pro, Brian leads by example and sets the tone for his clients. Brian specializes in Weight Loss for males and helps them learn proper dieting techniques to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Cole DaSilva is a sponsored Magnum Athlete and Trainer, and has won multiple fitness competitions. He spends his time being a straight shooter and source of inspiration for his hard-working clients. Cole specializes in COMMITMENT, so if you need someone to whip you into shape he’s your man.

Cory Roboch is an ex-university football all-star, Facial Stretch Therapist, has a Kinesiology degree and specializes in training people with busy schedules to live their best lives. Cory is intense, passionate and energetic. He’s the person you go to if you want to get your butt kicked.

Sara Mucciacito is a power-house booty-building specialist. She went through her own transformation from the “party life” to the fitness life and now she leads a movement of women looking to build amazing physiques. Sara helps women overcome their fear of food by teaching them proper eating techniques to improve the quality of their life and lean muscle mass.

Jesse Sarro went from 160 pounds soaking wet to 210 pounds jacked AF in a 7 year time zone. He specializes in helping men completely transform and takes guys from “skinny” to “built” by helping them learn proper training techniques and eating for their goals of building lean muscle. Jesse has won 1st place at his only fitness competition.

Arnel Sejdic helps men and women battle their mental demons through fitness. He’s passionate about finding purpose in his own life and helping other people do the same. Arnel battled with his own bout of depression and overcame it himself finding the love of his life, his passion for fitness and fashion, and became a professional model in the process.