We are a committed group of fitness entrepreneurs who live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and we spend our time inspiring other people to do the same.

We believe in Flexible Dieting, a positive mindset, and fitting exercise into your life, no matter your fitness level. We know that no one is perfect and we’re committed to helping you find your best body.

We are Team Aesthetic Nation, and we will help you achieve the body you never thought possible!

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Transform Yourself with

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Take advantage of our over 20 years of fitness and nutrition training experience & get fitness strategies that are customized to you! We will then schedule a free call where your coach will give you specific guidelines and recommendations that you can use to achieve your fitness goals – whether you choose to join us or not! There is no obligation to continue with us after our call. No matter what, you’ll walk away with a fitness and nutrition strategy that you can apply towards your goals, as soon as we’re done!


We Define Your Goals

We discuss your goals, experience, and plans, so that we can give you ..


Provide Specific Guidelines & Recommendations

We give you specific fitness and nutrition strategies that you can…


We Discuss Coaching Options

We discuss a coaching plan that’s designed to suit your goals.


You Decide

If you feel like our coaching program is a fit for you…

Transformation stories


Jessica Yule Spotlight

Jessica Yule is one of the ladies who is bringing the amazing food blogs to the #AEnation site. This girl came from a partying backround and knew there had to be something more. She found her love for cooking and entered her first competition facing alot of fears in the process. “Lifting for me has…


Maxim Ratnikov Spotlight

Maxim came to #AEnation because he was struggling with negative emotions which translated into loads of unwanted weight. Maxim has completely transformed his body and mind in the last 6 months and has lost 60lbs. “I appreciate everything you do. I really hope you’re feeling the love I am trying to express for you right now….



Arnel came to #AEnation because he had seen our trainer Tahj transform in front of his eyes and he knew it was possible for himself. As an avid gym-goer he was missing the most important element of fitness – nutrition. After dialing in his diet for 4 months Arnel saw a transformation of his body,…

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Bayan Presents: Chocolate Puff Cakes


Chocolate Puff Cake 1/4 cup Egg whites 1 egg 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp raw cacao powder 1/2 banana, mashed 1/2 banana, diced 2 tbsp unsweetened Dark Chocolate Chips 1/4 tsp Baking powder 1 tbsp Cherry Jam (optional) 1.    Preheat oven to 350F. 2.    Mash half banana, add egg and whisk. Add remaining ingredients….

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3 Tips to Help You Fight off the Fall Cold!


We all have it. The sniffles. The coughs. It’s hard getting out of bed when the sun isn’t shining. And it’s funny how fast the season changes on us. One day it’s summer and the next day we’re dawning winter jackets. The fall cold is something that myself and many people I know are going…

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